10 Best Indian Esports Teams

The act of gaming has been prevalent for as long as we can remember – in India and worldwide. The difference now is that countries, governments, and big companies are taking it more seriously than ever. Gaming is no longer considered a pastime or fruitless venture; gamers are no longer seen as jobless individuals. Today, tournaments and challenges are held in different countries where qualified gamers (now called athletes) compete.

While esports is still fairly new in India, its popularity is rising steadily daily, with more people getting interested. Already, there are highly talented Indian esports teams competing in world tournaments and bringing trophies home. While there are many esports teams in India, the ten below are some of the best, putting Indian esports on the map. Check out our ranking and information on India’s top ten best esports teams.

Team Wolf

Team Wolf is a Kolkata-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (C.S.: G.O.) team led by Simar “psy” Sethi. It is one of the best C.S.: G.O. teams in India that have used its gaming prowess to win several awards. The team was the only one from India invited to E.S.L. One 2014 tournament took place in Cologne, Germany. They were pitted against a Swedish team, NiP, in their first game and won; they had an overall remarkable performance in the tournament.

Team Brutality

Team Brutality is another remarkable esports team in India based in Mumbai; they market themselves as the leading esports organization in India. The team began as a C.S.: G.O. esports team, but they’ve branched out into other aspects, including racing titles, Street Fighter, and Tekken. As a result, the team is far more comparable to Cloud9, Fnatic, and several other major esports organizations than a single-game esports team. Team Brutality is led by Ankit “V3nom” Panth, the team’s face.

OpTic India

OpTic India esports team is a section of the OpTic Gaming Division and one of India’s most loved esports teams. The team was considered one of the best teams in India until one of them was caught cheating in eXTREMESLAND 2018. This action resulted in the team getting disqualified from the challenge and “forsaken,” the member caught cheating was released from the team. It also annoyed the entire gaming community in India because it didn’t do well on the image of the growing community.

The Terrifying Nightmares

The Terrifying Nightmares team is well-known in India as one of the champions of PUBG mobile, a popular game worldwide. PUBG mobile is one of the most well-known games in the world, recording millions of downloads year by year. The team, composed of Anand Puri, Amit Sharma, Sakriya Puri, and Mehul Dey, was among the twenty teams qualified for the PUBG Star Challenge. The team has played and won many local and international esports tournaments and challenges.

Team Soul

Team Soul esports team is one of India’s most prominent and popular BGMI teams. The team, led by Naman “Mortal” Mathur ( Mortal is his gaming name), has won several esports tournaments and challenges. 8bit Thug, 8bit, Goldy, and Soul Mortal are the team owners, with Viper, ROXX, Goblin, and Mortal as the current players. The team has won PMIS 2019, and PMCO Spring split 2019, among other tournaments, with total earnings approximated at $162,060.

T.S.M. Entity

The T.S.M. esports team is an American Esports Organization; it entered the PUBG mobile industry in 2020, collaborating with Entity Gaming, an Indian esports organization. The organization consists of talented and highly skilled gamers with gun power, tactics, and strategy through which they win tournaments. The team announced its new BGMI roster on 30th July 2021, signing NinjaJod, Shadow, Aquanox, and Blaze as team members. They’ve competed in several major tournaments and won, with their total earnings estimated at $76,291.


Team Godlike, founded in 2018, is a top-rated Indian esports organization known for its fearless and aggressive disposition. Many teams are afraid of taking on Godlike in tournaments because of this disposition, with Jonathan being the most popular star. The team is owned by Kronten “Chetan” Changude, with other players, including Clutchgod, ZGod, Viru, Neyoo, and Gill. Team Godlike has won several major tournaments and championships, including Skysports Championship 3.0, PMCO Spring split 2020, and Fighting League 2018.

Total Gaming

Total Gaming esports team is part of the teams in Free Fire and one of its most successful. Free Fire is owned by Ajay (or Ajju) Bhai, a popular F.F. content creator, and it consists of remarkable esports teams. Total gaming, consisting of four members, has over fourteen million subscribers on YouTube and over two million followers on Instagram. The team members are TG FozyAjay, TG Golden, TG Bala, and TG Vasiyo; they won the Garena-hosted Free Fire India Championship 2020.

Enigma Gaming

Enigma is more of an esports organization than a team because it has different teams in different games. It is an Indian esports gaming organization with remarkable teams in Free Fire, BGMI, and Valorant. The team, owned by JP Renaud and Aryaman Wasan, has performed excellently well in major tournaments and made big wins. The team players include Eggy, Saggy, Rexx, and Avii; they won Red Bull M.E.O. season 4, held in 2021.

Orange Rock

Orange Rock, owned by P.T.W. (Pole to Win International), is an Indian esports team focused on PUBG Mobile games. It is considered one of India’s best (if not the best) PUBG teams participating in tournaments and winning. The team is led by Bharat “Ribbiz” Reddy and has a total earning estimated at $125,706. Orange Rock is one of India’s esports teams that constantly make the growing gaming community in India proud.


The list of top esports teams in India is long; these ten are only a few of the most prominent. However, the esports community in India is growing at a steady rate and, soon enough, will grow well enough to be globally recognized. With the right encouragement, support, and investments, gamers have the potential to become global esports forces to be reckoned with.